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Land is an asset and one of the most profitable assets indeed. Though we are surrounded by water on all sides the land is what we need to survive. With the spread of civilization, land has become a scare entity, which needs to be conserved and used with utmost judiciousness and an eye to the future. Wondering how you can make money with vacant land in India? Don’t worry, we’ve listed 51 business ideas for vacant land to make money from!

There is a wide range of land businesses that you might look up to in order to use your vacant land to its full potential but first, you need to consider some elemental factors like – The size of the land, Location of the land, Zoning laws of the area, Source of water, Safety hazards and precautions, Quality of soil and its composition, Vegetation and more.

Below there are business ideas that you can use to make money from your vacant land on a temporary or permanent basis depending on the type of business you will go with. So, let’s dive into them without any further delay:

51 Business Ideas for Vacant Lands:

Outdoor Advertising
Storage Space/Warehouse
Plant Nursery
Firewood Business
Build a Spec House
Amusement Park
Events Centre
Training Grounds
Children’s Educational Centre
Athletic Fields
Golf Course
Railroad Storage/Access
Restaurant Garden
Cell Phone Towers
RV Storage
Solar Energy
Dairy Farm
Horse Stable
Wool processing
Summer Camps
Petting Zoo
Ice Rink
Junk Yard
Outdoor Shooting Range
Antiques Market
Farmers Market
Yoga Studio
Parking Lot
Racing Events
Electrical Substations
Film Locations
Photoshoots/Photography Site
Bird Watching
School Field Trips
As a Collateral Asset
Resort/Villas/Tents/Tree Houses
Herb Garden
Drive-in Theatre
Tiny House Estate
Rent/Lease it Out!
Pet Park
Harvest Timber
Wind Energy
Pave a Biking/Walking Trail
Spiritual Sanctuary

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