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If you look closely, you will see that graphic design is virtually always present, making it a skill and profession that is in high demand. Whether you’re just beginning your adventure or have already started, follow this article if you’re wondering how to make money as a graphic designer.

Additionally, we have included the top 11 websites where graphic artists can earn money. Designing for a living online is quite simple, but you must have the necessary knowledge.

These days, there are so many online learning resources available that you don’t even need a graphic design degree from a university to get started. Examples of these resources are YouTube and Skillshare. In this article, more of these platforms are covered.

  • What is Graphic Design?
  • How to make money as a graphic design student
  • Earn money as graphic designer
  • 7 Ways To Make Money As A Graphic Designer
  • What Tools do You Need as a Graphic Designer?
  • How Much Can You Make as a Graphic Designer?
  • How Can You Be Successful as a Graphic Designer?
  • Top 11 Best Websites For Graphic Designers to Make Money

What is Graphic Design?

The term “graphic design” describes a process in which ideas and experiences are planned and projected using both visual and linguistic information. Using symbols, images, and text to communicate and solve problems is the goal of graphic design.

These days, it covers everything from websites and digital products to brochures with information. And there is a reason why graphic design is becoming more and more prevalent.

Graphic design can help sell, direct, instruct, explain, entertain, and tell stories, differentiating your product or service in an overcrowded market. Great graphic design can help a product become a market leader and help movements gain traction.

This career path is important and on-demand, but what does this mean for you? Let’s take a look at the graphic design skillset and key deliverables closely.

Copy, concept, and image are integrated in graphic design to support a range of organizational objectives, such as:

  • Brand management
  • Marketing (posters, flyers, t-shirts, handouts, presentations, advertisements)
  • Publications (book and magazine covers, record album cover art)
  • Environmental, or design that connects a person to a place (wayfinding, dynamic displays, creative placemaking)

How to make money as a graphic design student

You’re about to learn how to make money as you learn graphic design. Visual pictures are produced by graphic designers for everything from ads to websites. In order to create new designs, they also modify images and other graphics using computer software.

Find out what kind of job you’d like to have after graduation

If you love creating beautiful things, then graphic design might be the perfect career choice for you. There are lots of different jobs available in the field, so you’ll need to decide whether you want to work as an artist, illustrator, designer, photographer, web developer, or something else entirely.

Learn how to find work as a graphic designer

Finding work as a graphic designer is difficult, but there are strategies you can use to help yourself stand out from the competition. You should begin by finding out more about the kind of jobs that are accessible. This will enable you to comprehend the abilities that employers value and the tasks that you ought to concentrate on. The next step is to network with professionals in the field. Finally, it’s important to stay up to date with emerging technologies and market trends.

Understand why it’s important to build up your portfolio

You must first develop your portfolio if you wish to work as a graphic designer. Utilizing online tools like Behance and Dribbble is among the simplest methods to do this out of all the options available. You can share your work with others on these websites and display it there. They also offer criticism so you can refine your designs.

Discover how to get paid to create graphics online

Once you’ve got some good examples of your work, you’ll need to start building your portfolio. This means creating more projects and sharing them online. It’s important to make sure you keep your work original and unique, otherwise people will think you’re just copying other designers’ work.

Learn how to make money from home

There are several opportunities available to students who want to supplement their income. By selling your own ideas, you can earn money in one of the simplest ways possible. You can publish your artwork to a variety of websites and sell it to buyers. Participating in freelancing work is an additional choice. Finding clients that will pay for your services is possible on freelance websites like Upwork and Fiverr.

Earn money as graphic designer

How to Become a Freelance Graphic Designer and Earn $100,000+ Per Year. The annual salary for a freelance graphic designer can reach $100,000. Discover how!

Creating visual images for print publications, websites, packaging, commercials, and other kinds of communication is the art of graphic design. It calls for inventiveness, technical proficiency, and familiarity with color theory, typography, and layout.

Create a Portfolio Website

If you want to become a successful freelance graphic designer, you need to build a portfolio website. This will allow potential clients to see what kind of work you do and whether you are capable of doing the job.

Build an Online Presence

Once you have built a portfolio site, you should start building relationships with other designers by joining online forums and groups. These sites provide a platform where you can share ideas and collaborate with others.

Network with Other Designers

If you want to make money as a freelancer, you need to network with other designers. Join design communities on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. Start conversations with people who work in similar industries. Ask them questions about their jobs and what they do. Offer to help them when possible.

Start Building Clients

You’ll start receiving more opportunities than ever after you begin creating a clientele. New freelancers frequently get between 20 and 30 inquiries for tasks every day. This means that you must properly select your task in order to be able to concentrate on each project without becoming overburdened with work at once.

Grow Your Business

There is no better place to start if you want to earn money online than with freelance design work. Numerous businesses employ graphic designers to aid in the promotion of their goods and services. While some of these businesses do offer lower income than others, the typical hourly wage for independent graphic designers is between $25 and $50.

How Can You Be Successful as a Graphic Designer?

To be a successful graphic designer, there are a few guidelines that you should hold yourself to.

1. Be Realistic

The first essential thing is being realistic about what you can accomplish, and holding yourself accountable to any deadlines and agreements. Don’t give yourself deadlines that you don’t think you can easily make, and always be in communication with your client in case something comes up.

2. Create Contracts 

If you find that you’re working outside of a platform like Upwork and you’ve managed to snag a client of your own, always make sure that you create a contract for legal reasons.

Some of the best websites for storing and creating these include And.Co and Honeybook. PayPal Business is also a viable option.

With any creative service-based business, you must stay on top of what’s currently popular. You don’t want to create something for your client that isn’t going to appeal to today’s audience unless it’s genuinely what your client wants.

4. Set Your Own Guidelines

As a freelancer, you get to set your own guidelines, which is something to keep in mind.

You decide how much work to have at a given time, you help to set deadlines with your client, and you create your own work hours. If you find that some part of the puzzle isn’t quite working out, then change it!

Top 11 Best Websites For Graphic Designers to Make Money

1. Fiverr

One of the top online markets for graphic design services is Fiverr. Over three million freelancing services are advertised. Their services or gigs are available for as little as $5. Additionally, Gigs vendors can now earn much more than $5. Use this website since it is incredibly user-friendly.

Fiverr came into existence in 2010 as a creation of Micha Kaufman. After that, Fiverr became the market leader of the gig economy. It has provided the registration for over 830,000 freelancers to deal with over 5.5 million buyers and earn a sound income of over 50 million. Fiverr is ranked among the best 100 freelancer sites in the UK and reached among the top 200 most popular websites in the world.

The platform offers a wide range of services, with logo design, video production and editing, website construction, and blog writing features ranking among the top projects offered to freelancers by Fiverr.

2. Upwork inc.

One of the most popular freelance marketplaces is Upwork. The platform acts as a marketplace for various skills with millions of users and jobs offered each year. The two prior market participants that joined to establish Upwork also contributed their experience and project management frameworks.

With its history, Upwork is a platform that designers of various levels use to find work. Use Upwork if you’re looking for branding, logos, illustrations, Photoshop capabilities, website design, or even business cards.

Here are some of the factors that makes Upwork stand out,

  • Upwork has a high customer rehire rate, pointing to customer satisfaction across their diverse clients.
  • With designers at most experience levels, you should find a graphic designer to fit your budget.
  • The project management tools allow you to mitigate risk by paying once certain project milestones are completed.

3. 99designs

Designing logos, websites, stationery, business cards, postcards, posters, clothes, and brochures frequently on spec is encouraged by 99Designs.

You have a limited chance of landing work because you are up against at least 30 other designers for the lowest-value contest. Your chances of working hard for free? Excellent.

If you do “win” a job, you’re paid in “credits” that must be turned into cash through either PayPal or Payoneer. PayPal will charge roughly 3% for this service; Payoneer’s fees vary by vendor and are not specifically disclosed by 99Designs, which recommends that you use Payoneer anyway. 

4. Creative Market

There is a dedicated online market called Creative Market for digital goods. In other words, entrepreneurs who specialize in producing digital goods can set up shop on this platform and sell their goods there.

The closest platform to Creative Market that you can think of is Etsy, however, with Etsy, you can sell physical products as well as digital ones. With Creative Market, you’re limited to digital, downloadable products only.

When we say digital, downloadable, we do not mean eBooks or other info products. It’s a marketplace specifically for art and design-related digital goodies such as templates, mockups, photographs, illustrations, etc.

Find cool T-shirts here -> Etsy

Your experience and the caliber of your digital goods are a couple of the requirements for starting a shop on Creative Market. Because of this, having an online store (either on your website or another marketplace) and a digital portfolio to display your work is helpful.

5. Dribble owns a top rank among the best freelancer graphic design sites in the world. In 2009, they came into exercising in the business field while giving a remarkable competition. The platform is a self-promoting and networking base for all sorts of digital designers, graphic designers, illustrations, and branding. Over ten million people are using this platform to obtain designer references, and it is giving the shade of over 40,000 freelancers around the world.

They called you as a prospect after you created an account. Then look over the artists’ work, follow them, and leave comments on your favorites. As a result, this increases social interaction and attracts attention. You must be selected by one of its members in order to be promoted as a shooter.

Periodically sends invitations for its members so they can draft prospects. Even though you are just signed it, you are not allowed to post your work. So this is one of their quality control processes to maintain the standards.

Phenomenally, this platform gives inspiration. Thus one platform facilities for browsing your desired images through several artists as well as to follow them.

6. Skillshare

Teachers that use Skillshare might make money through a royalty structure. A pool of royalties for teachers receives 30% of all Premium Membership earnings from Skillshare each month.

Based on their percentage of the minutes seen by Premium students (both paying members and those in free trials) across the site each month, teachers get compensated from the royalty pool.

For example, if a teacher’s classes receive 5% of the minutes watched by Premium members, that teacher receives 5% of the royalty pool. Because we are a subscription service, the size of the royalty pool and the number of minutes watched on Skillshare fluctuates from month to month. 

On average, first-time teachers earn $200 in their first month on Skillshare, with top teachers earning upwards of $3,000! 

You must get a minimum total of 30 Premium minutes-watched across all of your classes within a month in order to receive a payment for that month.

7. Behance

In 2005, took its first step while being owned by Adobe Systems. It is a platform where independent contractors may fully realize the creative potential of their creations. This website ranks 333rd in the world according to the Alexa rankings.

Currently, there are over one million users have been registered with them.  Every designer can show their design creativity this freelance graphic design portfolio website.

Their process is way different than the other freelancing sites. A project is defined as images, videos, other digital contents based on a theme.

As a result, the platform provides a special URL with a view and appreciation counter for each project. The freelancer can track the number of views and compliments they have received through this, as well as praises for a job well done.

Registered members can follow your account and vice versa. When you follow a profile, you can see their latest updates on your news feed, and this is a de facto home screen. 

So you have to follow more profiles to start more projects to appear on your feed. Featured projects have been notified via a small badge under them and promote them using Curated Galleries.

8. Toptal

One of the best networks for connecting top firms with highly qualified developers is Only the top 3% of applicants who pass tests and are interviewed get accepted.

Toptal is a select network of the best freelancers in the globe, including programmers, financial experts, designers, content writers, and project managers.

9. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour was founded in 2007 with the goal of enabling people to live their work online and connecting clients and freelancers. Freelancers from all across the world contribute at PeoplePerHour. The market is diverse, and firms can use the website to identify the ideal candidate.

The roles of graphic design and web development are highlighted in their service offerings. Other choices include graphic design, social media marketing, online advertising, and copywriting.


Founded in 2009 and it has a large following. They connect over 30,373,500 employers and freelancers globally from over 248 countries.

It’s a place where services are outsourced to freelancers in a number of fields including graphic design, web design, writing, marketing, and data entry among other things. It’s a good choice for those who prefer to work online and get their feet wet in freelance marketplaces.

11. DesignCrowd

Based in Australia, fired its first shot in 2008. Online logo design services and website design competitions are both available on the major platform

Currently, it enables 737,329 registered customers to complete 342,193 projects successfully. The top-ranked custom design marketplace for all potential employees is The outsourcing of design work is also permitted on this platform. You have a ton of opportunities to work from home as a freelance graphic designer.

From the business men’s perspective, this platform is a financial saver since they can set their budget range starting from $99. So the platform makes sure they are receiving high-quality proposals within their budgeted financial parameters. Also, they can set the deadline according to the project, like 3, 5, or 10 days.


Online design work is more simpler to do than you might imagine. The multitude of job boards makes it simple to connect with clients, and there are so many excellent educational resources available to get you started in the process.

If you have a creative mind, graphic design might be something you’re interested in. Check out websites like Fiverr, 99designs, and Upwork, as we’ve stated in this article, to start earning money online right away.

T-shirt graphic design example:

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